How welcome Christmas in the downtown?

How welcome Christmas in the downtown?

December 20, 2017

How do you welcome Christmas? In the Gothic Quarter we like to do it by singing and playing with the little ones of the neighborhood and with the most creepy and lovely pastorets of the nativity scene! Almost a hundred children and their families meet in the Plaça Sant Josep Oriol to enjoy the show with the most tumultuous theater company that makes us dance and laughter like anybody do!

Rovelló and Lluquet brought us the most magical of all the Tiós and how well it was well-nourished, after pricking it with great appreciation, he delivered very good gifts to all the participants! There was no shortage of the most exciting carrousel of horses of the year made with recycled materials, and the Christmas cake and the hot chocolate allowed us to start the party with lot of energy!

Now you know it! We have filled the square with laughter and we have called very loud at Christmas for these Festivities will been loaded with lot of magic moments! From the Gothic Quarter we invite you to share the spirit of Christmas!

Our retail establiments and our streets are waiting for you! enjoy them! Celebrate and live Christmas!

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